Judy Ramos, Director of Communications,

enlargeThe district’s Board of Trustees got a surprise at a recent board meeting, when a representative from the United Educators Association of Texas (UEA) presented them with a special proclamation for their history of supporting teacher salaries.

Derik Hayenga, associate director, made the unscheduled presentation at the October 17 board meeting. He said the association staff believed it was important to recognize the history of support the board has provided to teachers at all levels of experience.

“This school district is rated in the top three for teacher salaries for everyone, from the beginning teacher to someone with 30 years of experience,” Hayenga said. “That kind of achievement starts with the board, and you don’t get to the top spot in just one year. It comes from consistent support of teachers, year after year. We wanted to issue this proclamation to honor the HEB ISD Board of Trustees’ historical work at creating great teacher salaries.”

Each year, UEA publishes a comparison of teachers’ salaries from area school districts. For 2006-2007, UEA published teacher salaries for 32 school districts in the western metroplex area, ranking them from one to 32. HEB ISD is positioned in the top three in every category, for teachers with both bachelor's and master’s degrees.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gene Buinger was as surprised as board members to learn the district was receiving such recognition.

“In more than 30 years in education, I have never seen an association present this kind of award to a school district,” he said. “But it illustrates how committed our Board of Trustees is to keeping salaries competitive, so that we can hire the very best teachers for our students. Having quality teachers is necessary to prepare our children for working in the global economy, and our board helps us give our students the edge they need to do that when they graduate from HEB ISD.”