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The Core Knowledge Edge: Elementary, Years K-6

Core Knowledge builds from year to year, and students build up their knowledge base. Parents can look at the curriculum and see what their children will be taught years from now. They can also see how students will use later what they learn now.

For example, in fifth grade World History, study of the Renaissance builds on earlier studies of ancient Greece (second grade), ancient Rome (third grade), and the Middle Ages (fourth grade). In Science, the basic concept of the atom, introduced in first grade, leads by fifth grade to an understanding of how atomic properties are organized in the Periodic Table.

Students who have years of Core Knowledge will benefit the most, but the curriculum does not penalize students who begin the curriculum late. If a fourth grade student moves to the area and begins the Core Knowledge program, that student will still be able to benefit from it. All HEB schools still teach the state curriculum and students take the state exams. The Core Knowledge curriculum adds to what we must teach all students.

All elementary campuses began offering the Core Knowledge curriculum as of the 2005 – 2006 school year. Vist the HEB ISD Core Knowledge Department site for more detailed information about the CK program in HEB ISD.


Students learn about Core Knowledge by perfoming Shakespeare



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